14 essential wellness tips for DETOX to restore energy and vitality in your body in 2020 that you may not know about!

When we think to detox, do it right and you will feel your energy raising. How can we have a fab detox day?

1. Start your day with glass of water, lemon, ginger and an apple cider vinigar ????. Not a fan of lemon? You can even flavour your water with antioxidants such as blueberries, raspberries, fresh mint and a squize of orange. ???? Research indicates that 2-4 spoons of apple cider vinigar has positive effects on our immunity, fights cold, promotes good gut health. As the vinigar is fermented it reduces inflammation and detoxifies our liver. It can help to clear skin irritations and aids metabolism therefore sheds off pounds from our waist. Get yourself a glass of water, fresh mint, squize of ????, 1 tablespoon of good quality honney. Voila! Your morning spa detox drink is ready 🙂

2. Eat deep greens, herbs and fermented foods to assist your gut health as they are packed with nutrients.

3. Avoid a high sugar, high salt, processed foods and eat a light meal. Have a beetroot, ginger, apples, carrot kale or broccoli stem, a dash of lemon smoothe. Fresh Peppermint tea during the day to hydrate. Mint aroma is invigorating and tastes refreshing. It is antiviral antioxidant and is recognised having antitumor properties and has some antiallergenic potential as Skalicka-Wozniak & Walasek, 2014 research concludes.

4. Eat or infuse the mint leaves. They have fatty acids such as:
linoleic, linolenic, and palmitic acid and menthol which helps our digestive tract and also β-carotene, chlorophyll pigments. Small human trails undertaken in 2009 indicated a reduction carcinogen bioavailability, biomarker damage, therefore indicating that chlorophyll may play a beneficial role in cancer prevention. Further larger studies are needed.

5. Brush your skin daily to exfoliate the body and boost your energy levels and expell toxins. Commit to that routine and your skin will be glowing in no time as you cells regenerate.

6. Bathe. Have a herbal lavender bath and fresh nettle leaf ???? infusion, create a sensual bath experience to awaken your senses. Bring the outside in and a scent of that sweet pea or a rose from your garden. You can also try a seaweed bath for detox to Supercharge your skin and body as it is known that seaweed aids detox, improves circulation the tone of your skin. It is beneficial in soothing eczema, psoriasis,naturally moisturising and healing the skin due to anti-ageing properties.

7. Invest in a good quality independently tested essential oils. You can try grapefruit, Juniper berry, peppermint oils in your bath, oil diffuser or vaporiser. You can also make your own hair growth formula with sandalwood, lavender and rosemary oil and good quality carrier oil such us jojoba, almond or extra verging olive oil.

8. Have a lymphatic drainage massage to detox and get rid of excess water build up. Inflammation is a sign that your body needs help, so don’t ignore these signs.

9. Move your body as when you move, your body creates energy.

10. Have a downtown time and listen to a meditation, read a book, or lie down on your yoga mat in the garden and do gentle streaching, opening your chakras and balancing your energy.

11. Don’t eat when the sun sets. Your body has its own body clock and your body is able to adjust to the needs of your life. When the sun rises your body systems open up like a flower blossom, for the night they shut down to allow your body to rejuvinate, restore, reset.

12. Laugh more and provide your body with endorphins, seratonin and it is proven by science that laugh is beneficial for us.When you laugh your stress hormones are lowered and you increase immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies, thus improving the resistance to disease.

13. Breathe deeply. Did you know that deep breathing can help you alter your phisiology? When you feel stressed, take deep breaths. Build 5 minutes breathing routine into your day, you can do this whilst in the gym, listening to a radio, reading. When we breathe we inhale oxygen and help our blood to carry nutients. On each exhale imagine getting rid of toxins, as we breathe out carbon dioxide. Deep breathing not only oxygenates our body but also cleanses waste therefore a Fab inexpensive detox, that requires your commitment and 5 minutes in the morning and before bed.

14. Sleep. Make sure you have your ‘beauty sleep’ @ 10pm. Leave your phone downstairs and have your 7 hrs undisturbed sleep.

Now, try these tips! You will detox your body and also stimulate immunity boost response. Research informs that immune ageing and organism ageing are inter-related. Toxins, pathogens, fungus, free radicals have a detrmental effect on our health so look after your body inside and out.

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