What does healthy mean to You?

2020 is a testing time for all of us, so let’s gain some perspective what is means to be healthy. Covid19 forced us to think more about our values, the way we interact and how we build in exercise and relaxation into our ‘busy’ daily schedules.

Most people put far more attention on the ill health, symptoms of disease and not the causes of physical, emotional state. The modern medicine focuses on pain management, symptoms, sadly the cause can often be overlooked by a overstretched medical staff, who nevertheless have been incredible throughout the pandemic, saving lives.

They say “we get what we focus on.” Focus on your pain and you feel more pain. When you are at state of ease, you are preventing the disease as your body is at state of homeostasis, in other words: balance.

What if instead of focussing on I’ll health we begin to focus on the great physical and mental health? If you read any of my previous articles you will have noticed that I pay a lot of attention to the mind, body, spirit, foundations of the Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda practice.

I’m experiencing and seeing first hand the power of the mindset, body and soul, as I embraced the meaning of health holistically. Adapted my ways to live in abundance, respecting the natural world and the laws of nature, as in the past did not prioritise my health and paid a hefty price, but this was my ‘wake up’ call. I have totally shifted my focus and ways that I strive to lead my life each day. One thing is certain, we all have 24 hrs in a day. How we choose to spend our time, is in our control to a degree. We can introduce healthier balance to our day. You may ask how?

By switching your focus, aiming to improve your health, you no longer accept the old ways of dealing with the problem at hand.

You are starting to look for solutions and figuring out what works, meaning you are comming out of your comfort zone and starting to take responsibility for your health. Examining your daily habits, taking actions that support your growth and wellbeing. Of course there be days when you feel like 3 steps forward, 2 steps back. That’s why so many of us are a part of supportive online communities and or have a mentor/ coach.

Let’s share our wins, our successes, be active in the group that resonates with you, own your actions, even if you don’t reach your goal fully, at least you are actively trying and showing up. Don’t give in and allow fear to keep you where you are. By speaking out your intentions, writing these down you are gaining clarity and focus and through it your awareness of what is good for you keeps expanding. Keep taking actions, owning your commitments, you are on the journey. An action is better than keeping still, as at least you receive feedback from the Universe. Reach out if you need support or advice.

If you want to improve your health and need extra support and would like mentoring to get you to the next level, reach out I am happy to help you. I am looking forward to read your comments.

As always, I will share a few tips to remind you, that keeping a healthy lifestyle does not need to be complicated or pricey. These simple steps are free and you can take these to start your day well.

  • Hydrate first thing in the morning and sip up to 8 glasses a day. We are made approximately 78% of water.
  • Move your body and energise your cells, so venture out of your home, visit your local park, have a stretch, run or a mindful walk. This means your electronic devices are out of bounds for that time. Set your boundaries and stick to it.
  • Unwind in nature, use all your senses: smell, sight, touch, taste, hear and also observe the space you are within, tune in to your body and the natural world around you, feel the mist, the wind, indulge in the scenery.
  • Eat foods which are high in nutrients, avoid sugary and processed foods. If we are nutrient deficient our body keeps the toxins in, and the signs of that start showing of course on the skin first.
  • Allow your body to have time to rest and recover. When you exercise, you need to think about rapture and repair. When you undertake strenuous excercise and don’t give your body time to repair you are in a fight flight response. This is good if we need to run, are being chased, but not for prolonged periods of time. That’s why building some time for relaxation is vital. Our body has sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, both are very important to our well-being and immunity. I have explained this in depth in my book “How to Boost Your Immune System Naturally. Your shopping basket to immunity.” You are welcome to find out more.
  • Our environment plays a key role in how we feel. By environment I mean physical space, habits and whom we surround ourselves with. I believe that the environment, proper flow of blood, energy and or lack of it (due to lack of movement) impacts on our wellbeing.
  • Self care inside and out is vital. It is a necessity for out long term vitality and emotional wellbeing.
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