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The Benefits of Steam Rooms on your Body and Skin

I want you to imagine that you’ve just completed your hour-long workout at the gym. You’re tired, sore, and drenched in sweat from head-to-toe. Now, imagine you’re walking back to the change room and there you see it–the steam room staring back you. Tempting you to get even stickier. Do you dare enter? Now, I…

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What are the health benefits of Elderberries?

Elderberries and blackberries are in season, so pick your own. Hippocrates called an elderberry his ‘chest medicine.’ These berries are packed with antioxidants, vitamins and have anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory properties. So, what are the health benefits of elderberry?They science tells us that they can: ????Aid digestion as are high in fiber and ease constipation. ????Reduce inflammation…

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