Can a Cold Shower boost your immunity?

You may be wondering how I manage to keep healthy right now?

Well, I pay attention to my body inside and out, my state, mindful choices, eating fresh fruit and veg, cook your own from scratch, you are in control what you put in. Up my non synthetic supplementation when needed and also I teach my body immune system to respond quickly at the point of stress. Educate my child on healthy options, as good habits start at home.

One of things I have started doing since March last year are cold showers, as they wake you up instantly, and there are so many other health benefits. If you want to know more about this and learn about the incredible journey of Wim Hof aka Ice Man, 21 times holder of Guiness Wold Record read The Wim Hof Method. Once a week ‘me time’ 20 minutes TheMineral Spa bath soak filled with either seaweed or Dead Sea and of course herbal bath bombs to care for my skin. Massage with my hand picked in nature herbal infusion of eucalyptus, sage and rosemary, as it’s stimulating for the body, antiseptic, invigorating, opens up your airways.

A tip to start with if you never tried cold showers:

???? Step 1 – Begin to shower for 2 minutes in warm or very hot water. Turn around under the shower to make sure your whole body is covered in the water. Now turn the tap to cold and again, turn your body under the shower so it covers you all over for 30 seconds .Try not to hold your breath, as doing so will interfere with your body adaptation process to cold. I regularly sing a song as it requires you to breathe. ????

????Step -2 Turn the water back to hot for 1 minute turn around and back to cold for 30 seconds and turn around.

????Repeat the step 2 again and finish the shower with the cold water, turning the head, so that the cold water pours over your face, as it’s really beneficial to your complexion.

Now, come out, wrap yourself in a warm towel. Sit down for a minute and feel your body tingling with vitality. That’s your internal energy being awakened and you are ready to face your day. Have a dance or do some stretching, create the movement to warm up your body naturally, if you still feeling cold.

In time, while you practice, you will realise that you no longer need to do hot and cold, you can just go under the cold shower and feel energised. Cold shower strengthens your immune system and it’s an anti ageing tonic for the body and fabulous to combat stress as Wim Hof studies in mental health proving time and time again.

“Cold is your best friend.” Wim Hof

In life extremities help us to come out of comfort zone and into action. In health we can draw similar parallels.

This is me on 2nd of May 2020, I cannot believe I hear myself saying this on video 2 months into my cold showers journeys. I invested in portable pool to swim to keep us all occupied in lockdown and a portable garden shower attached to my cold feed garden hose. The proverb from 1640 is so true “When there is a will there is a way.”????

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