11 simple Natural Ways to Boost Your Energy Levels

Get More Sleep – 7 hrs a day is regarded as optimum.

Reduce Stress. It’s not uncommon for people with busy lives to feel stressed, anxious or overwhelmed, so build meditation, yoga, a mindful break i.e tea break where you focus on yourself, your breath, the birds chirping around you, the sounds.

Move More. Walk in the forest or dense parkland is scientifically proven to lower your stress hormones. Have a dance or a laugh, play with your children, just do something active in the natural world and connect mindfully with your environment.

Build in 15 minutes lunch time revitaliser excercise session to combat the energy slump with a bit of excercise not a coffee.

Body brush in the morning before the shower to not only raise your energy levels but also expell toxins from your body, stimulate circulation and lymphatic system, exfoliate dead skin cells to renew you skin and appearance.

Eat a Nutritious Diet full of minerals and vitamins and a light lunch, so you are not straining your body. Foods that are easily digested for example are: watermelon ????, bananas, salads, eggs, salmon, chicken. Eat foods that contain iron and magnesium, zinc and copper.

Avoid Added Sugar – if you need to sweeten things use a honey ???? as bees add enzymes to honey, the sugars are already partially broken down, therefore easier to digest than granular/brown sugars.

Stay Hydrated to support your body balance, skin hydration and concentration levels.

Have a cold shower ???????? if you feel brave , it will definitely put your sypathetic and parasympathetic nervous system into work and raise your energy levels.

Build in a deep breathing excercises into your day. 5 minutes in the morning, lunch and evening, you can always combine these when you meditate or just simply when you brushing your teeth, watching telly, stuck in traffic in the car, before you make a phone call will oxygenate your body and makes you more calm, alert and focused.

Attend not only to your physical health but also emotional wellbeing, as if you are tired all the time, lacking energy and don’t feel that you want to much of anything these could be signs of anxiety or depression. If you are otherwise healthy, but you feel constantly fatigued, pose, observe your daily life, what may be bothering you emotionally. If you’ve experience these symptoms for a long time, don’t suffer in silence, talk about your feelings, consider getting professional help.

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