Introduction To The Power of Minerals

“It is never too late to take responsibility for your health, seek a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life and have fun.”

– Alicja Son, 13.12.2019

You probably found this blog and are wondering, what exactly is The Power of Minerals and how will it help me?

The Power of Minerals is for those who desire better sustainable health, no Fad diets, instead for those who want to improve their health and change their current habits. I help you to understand the role of minerals in the human body, evaluate where you are right now and take action to ensure that you operate at the optimum health level throughout your life and career, as better health supports your energy levels. Better health must always be at the top of your career/wealth ladder, as without good health, anything else becomes meaningless, as we battle to stay alive.

Regardless of where you are right now, and how you define health, this book will provide you with new tools to evaluate your state of health holistically. I invite you to engage and complete the Tick Box tool to review your “here and now”.

The one thing I am asking of you is to have an open mind when you read these articles. Be open to adjusting your thinking and actions, because when you do, this will lead you to define clear goals, and accurately estimate the effort you need to put in to make a change.

How are you going to approach your goals and execute them so that you get the results that you want?

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