Can I lose weight by cutting unhealthy, ultra-processed food from my diet, without counting calories?

You may be surprised and the answer is YES, so read on to find out how?

It is a longer process but more sustainable and healthy and does not require you keeping a strict diet plan, excluding foods, fats and endlessly counting these calories on your app.

Keep to principles of healthy lifestyle and you will have lasting results. Ask yourself what are your motives to lose weight, what do you want to achieve, how do you want to fell, look? Visualise how you going to look in a future and write your plan down with clarity and steps and stick to it.

I lost 10kg in 6 months just by cutting processed sugar out of my diet and watching not to eat to many natural sugars i.e strawberries, raspberries, blackberries. Although they may taste sweet, they are not as high in sugar as watermelon or bananas and certainly less than hamburgers. Knowing not only what to eat, but also how to eat it, and when. For example bananas when they not fully ripe they have a lower content of sugar, but are still high in potassium and other nutrients. Eat healthy and nutritious foods and cut out added sugar as it has impact on your insulin levels and cravings, it depletes your body from nutrients. To keeping weight down healthy eating in my view is more sustainable than switching between diets.

There are also many things we can do naturally to help us lose weight and this does not require from you to be signing up to monthly plans, buying the latest turmeric pills.

  1. Do what the French do meaning: do not rush your food and chew thoroughly. Your brain needs at least 20 minutes to process that you’ve had enough to eat.
  2. Decrease portion size of unhealthy, sugary foods. If you are struggling to cut them out, then allocate one binge day a week to these and make sure you stick to this. This will allow the body time to learn and retrain how to manage the insulin spike.
  3. Make sure you eat balanced meals i.e 1/3 protein, 1/3 of carbs, 1/3 healthy fats. Eat highly nutritious foods, as one of the reason why you crave more to eat is the nutritional content of what’s on your plate.
  4. Get rid of unhealthy foods from your pantry. They say “out of sight, out of mind.”
  5. Drink water regularly. You may be thirsty rather than hungry. First , have a drink instead of a snack and if that’s does not work, go for a walk to distract or engage in short exercise. An NCBI study suggests that consuming 500 millilitres of water prior to a meal , impacts on weight loss. When we are hungry, our body needs fuel and energy and it will demand a quick fix, that’s where the snacking on chocolate bar comes in. Did you know though that energy is created at a cellular level through excercising? 15 minutes a day moderate exercise would be a good start. That’s your 15 minutes power walk in nature. If you can sustain 15 minutes high interval intensity training (HIIT) that’s even better, as it will help to tone your body, strengthening your core and overall body strength.
  6. Eat mindfully and without distractions of electronics and you are less likely to eat more.
  7. Keep an eye on your stress levels to avoid emotional eating.

I only used two of the above tips to achieve weight loss of 10kg namely: I did cut processed, synthetic sugar out of my diet and ensured that the meals I was serving and snacks, if I needed one, were of high nutritional value. Since then I also learned to appreciate how things work together and now use these tips to keep my weight in check and stable. Now this secret is also yours.

Follow these steps above and your results can surpass mine as you also adding exercise, balancing your meals, decreasing the food portions.

Do a detox day once a week to give your body time to rest and abstain from food after 8pm, giving your body plenty of time to process what’s in your stomach. If you eat all kind of foods then please ensure that you eat varied diet and eat less meat, as it’s is heavy to digest.

Hope these tips will help you on your journey to become healthier you and I would love to hear about your progress. Please share your wins with TheMineralSpa community if you choose to follow and be part of it.

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