The Mineral Spa Bath Bombs

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Set of 6 bath bombs 115 – 119 gram each, all hand crafted with love for your enjoyment.

This bath bombs create an explosion of aroma, enriched with natural pharmaceutical grade magnesium Epsom salts, botanical essential oils, citric acid, sodium becarbonate, organic arrowroot powder, cream of tartar, rose petals, sage flowers, lavender and rosemary leaf, mineral ground stone for colour by Mica, natural beetroot powder for a pink bath bombs.

The mineral magnesium has beneficial effects for many body organs and also calms and distressed your system, boosts immunity. Arrowroot plant benefits are vast, immunity boosting and also leaving skin feel soft and silky, absorbing and keeping moisture in the skin, and it makes the skin smoother.

These are packed with beautifully scented essential oils, handpicked flowers from the organic garden and allotment, as nature intended.

Enriched with organic unrefined shea and Fair Trade cocoa butter to nourish and moisture, hydrate your skin. Breathe in aromatic essential oils and let the tension melt away.

As these are 115-119 gram each, you can spit these in half and enjoy the bath time 2 a week. Who said you need to use it all at once. The choice is yours.

I have provided you with two 100% unbleached organic cotton bags, so you can spit this bath bomb if you like. If you have a jacuzzi bath, you may want to put the bath bomb in the bag, and close tightly, so none of the petals and herbs will be floating around you and into the jets. This is my way of using jacuzzi bath and still enjoying the bath bomb, so I am sharing this tip with you.

Now, simply run your bath, light a candle, and an incense stick, put your favourite relaxing music and breathe and soak for up to 20 minutes. Do not take a shower afterwards. You want all that goodness to be soaked up transdermally and through the skin follicles. Give yourself that much deserved “me time.”

Don’t forget to leave a review at some point if you like this product. It gives me a great pleasure reading reviews, knowing that you had FAB time.

With Love

Alicja x

Please ensure that you keep unused bath bombs away from steam and moisture in dry space and wrapped. They are 100% handcrafted, natural and organic and have no nasties and preservatives added to them. Use within 5 months of date made.


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