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"The Power of Minerals, Healing Spas of Europe" is the result of  of the decade of Alicja Son's  personal experience of Mineral, Geo - Thermal Spas of Europe and  it is  a must read publication, relating to issues that matter to well being of everyone.

What You’ll Get Out Of The Book:

  • Discover “The Power of Minerals” and the role they play in  the human body. 10 important  facts about  micro  and trace minerals.
  • Skin – the body’s living largest growing organ, its function and how to look after your skin for an optimum health.
  • To the rescue - discusses some of the health conditions and how minerals can help.
  • Find Out European Destinations with ethos of well being and Geo-thermal benefits of spa, natural saline waters.
  • Ready , steady..., book your next break. Guide to  the healing spas of Europe.
  • Find Out If You Have What It Takes to take steps to become healthier.
  • Master how to Spa appropriately and maximize the benefits of bathing in thermal, mineral hot springs. Your Plan to Spa.


*Pre-Order a copy of Alicja's first book. The Power of Minerals is soon to become the ultimate guide to everything you needed to know about healing mineral spas. Grab your copy first!

*  The Power of Minerals, Book will come out in the Winter of 2020 and will be delivered to your address within 4 weeks of the release.

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