The Power of Minerals

How to Use Minerals and Trace Elements to Support Your Body and Mind

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About The Book

The Power of Minerals

Healing Spas of Europe.


"The Power of Minerals, Healing Spas of Europe" is the result of  of the decade of Alicja Son's  personal  experience of Mineral, Geo - Thermal Spas of Europe and  it  is a must read publication, relating to issues that matter to well being of everyone.

Alicja  details how anyone, including children must use mineral hot springs, saline waters to improve their health , well being and benefit from the relaxing effect of hydro-therapy. She redefines the concept of holiday, ensuring that a whole family can return refreshed  from a break away. Alicja informs  readers  how to spa effectively for a maximum benefit for  the body via taking timed  dip in geo - thermal springs, , using  treatments consistent of minerals to nourish the skin.

Alicja provides expertise with clear direction on exactly how  minerals impact our bodies through her knowledge she gained in this area. She discusses  the benefits of using mineral spa, understanding the skin and the functions of the biggest living organ of the human body and guides the reader where to go, sharing knowledge regarding some of the therapies, luxurious must have products that are available to not only nourish your skin but help regeneration and absorption of the minerals in the human body. The book is intriguing and thought provoking, yet The Power of Minerals provides guiding principles that will help you get more out of spa, become more in-tuned with your body, and become healthier and happier. She entices you to experience the tranquility of these European Spa's and  feel  and experience for yourself the benefits.

Alicja is ready to inform other’s about ways on how to be healthy, free and alive.

Who This Book Is For?

The Power of Minerals is a goldmine for health conscious individuals and anyone who enjoys spa, relaxation, discovering more about the human body.

Aimed at ordinary people and health, hospitality industry and anyone looking to gain more knowledge about how to spa for maximum benefit. Uncover new trends in spa.

"The Power of Minerals" has something for you, and it will challenge you to pay more attention to your body and look at your health holistically,  with an intention to set you on the journey to redefine your health goals and how  you care for your body and how you spend your money , whilst taking care of yourself.  Beauty redefined from within through The Power of Minerals.


What You’ll Get Out Of The Book


  • Discover “The Power of Minerals” and the role they play in  the human body. 10 important  facts about  micro  and trace minerals.
  • Skin – the body’s living largest growing organ, its function and how to look after your skin for an optimum health.
  • To the rescue - discusses some of the health conditions and how minerals can help.
  • Find Out European Destinations with ethos of well being and Geo-thermal benefits of spa, natural saline waters.
  • Ready , steady..., book your next break. Guide to  the healing spa's of Europe.
  • Find Out If You Have What It Takes to take steps to become healthier.
  • Master how to Spa appropriately and maximize the benefits of bathing in thermal, mineral hot springs. Your Plan to Spa.

About The Author

Alicja Son started reading about health since her teen years. As a child, she always strive to save and care for everything living. Growing up on a farm as a child helped her to be more connected to nature and understand farm production processes and because her mother was always health conscious she spent many hours debating and discussing health and the importance of nutrition.

All this, compounded by her brother being Autistic, led her to change her path from legal career to health and social care. Drawn to health and social care aspects over the years, she has deepened her knowledge in the subject of health, human body, and child development. Being a prolific reader of science literature, everything related to neuron-biology, nutrition, and micro elements, minerals and effects on the human body, caught her undivided attention.

Over a decade she road tested many European geo-thermal spa destinations and discovered about the importance of micro minerals and trace minerals on the body.

Today, she is ready to share her knowledge not just with her friends and family, as she has done so over the years, but with the world in a quest that readers will be able to enjoy their lives and live more healthily. Next time they wish to choose a holiday destination, they think not only about relaxing, but also about their health and reap the benefits of the minerals which lie deep within the Earth’s crust and are readily available in many Geo thermal spa  destinations of Europe and beyond.

Alicja’s mindset had changed, after experiencing many setbacks in life. She looks holistically at the human body and believes “It’s never too late to take responsibility for your destiny, seek healthier and more fulfilling life and have fun."

Alicja is ready to inform other’s about ways how to be healthy, free and alive.




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