A harvest moon is a representation of the full moon that shines at midnight on the autumnal equinox. This day marks the start of autumn. It’s also a great time to think about cultivating well-being.

Lets discuss some ways you can get your mind and body ready for winter with few tips from indigenous North American tribes who used and observed nature and Harvest Moon also known as Corn or Barley moon.

The lunar month averages 29 .5 days, but the dates of the moons change from year to year and Native American tribes figured that out which helped them to observe seasons and count time. Live in accordance with nature and seasons.

Our sleep patterns can be affected by the moon and that depends on the phase of a lunar cycle. Sleep study from 2014 confirms that about 5 days before full moon we sleep less than usual, as much as 20 minutes less on average, possibly because the moon’s gravitational pull increases.

We may also feel more restless, agitated or energetic because of the heightened energy. Some of us can feel bit more emotional than others.

What can you do to help your mind and body?

One simple thing is self care. Give yourself space and time .

You can also add magnesium-rich foods in diet like pumpkin seeds, spinach or almonds to decrease cortisol levels during periods of stress or supplement with natural magnesium rich supplements. Magnesium and zinc work together.

2nd supplementation tip , is to make sure you get enough of omega-three fatty acids. Since the 19th century, people have known that during winter months when there are more hours of darkness this can cause depression or Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). However recent studies suggest that not only do we need serotonin but also proper amounts of DHA. Nutritional oil that I am using does just that, in right ratios of omega 3 and 6, so if you looking for a good quality supplements, I am happy to share what I use and where to get it.

3rd tip – Melatonin levels can decrease during full moon cycle as our sleep is disrupted more. Would it be great to have at hand a fantastic supplement that regulates your circadian daily rhythm (your internal body clock)?

4th tip, is to make sure you get your vitamin D. If the days are shorter and we do not go out as much, our body does not absorb enough of this important nutrient which can lead to illness like depression or even worse osteoporosis and other chronic diseases. I love using natural supplements, but it’s also a great idea to eat foods high in vitamin D like fatty fish, mushrooms and dairy products, after all supplements are to compliment our day to day diet.

5th tip – Don’t forget Vitamin D also plays critical role in keeping your immune system healthy, especially as winter months set in and we are prone to catch a cold. Although it is getting colder outside, I hope you are able to take some time for yourself during the Harvest moon.

6th tip – Do something spontaneous that makes your heart sing and smile and put together a plan on how you can stay healthy this winter! Harvest moon is all about ripping benefits of the work you have put in during the year, time for manifesting, making a strong forward plans, listening to your gut feeling and being grateful for what you have. Gratitude practice in itself is hugely beneficial, but that is a topic on it’s own for another blog post.

It is not to late, as the full moon energy is still with us till around 23/24 September. Use it.

Hope you enjoyed reading these few tips and give it a go. If you would like more advice what to use or tips, reach out. x

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