How To Kickstart Your Immune System in 5 Days

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Alicja WEF

I have made it my mission to help you to kick start your immune system, and lead happy healthy and more fulfilling life through the power of nature and have fun. 

Alicja Son - Founder - The Mineral Spa

Here's What You'll Learn

Day One - Mindset

Discover how your mind works and how to prep your mind, so you are ready to take action, you are ready to get up and make a change to your well being.

I will share with you and give you the oportunity to practice 5 quick and easy to follow strategies to get you on this journey.

You will be able to learn how to regulate the state of your mind and ease stress.

Day Two - Air

You will learn and experience how to use your breath to improve your immunity, relax and become more peaceful, improving your sleep, concentration and feel more energised.

Prime your body to balance your mood and emotions.

4 easy proven techniques to wake up your immune system.

Day Three - Earth

You will get in touch with nature, awaken your senses, get to know yourself. You will understand the power of the nature and positive effects it has on your body systems.

You will work though strategies to calm your body, engage and awaken your body systems so they respond to combat inflammation, anxiety, stress and more.


Day Four - Water

You will learn how to use water to heal yourself.

Learn how to incorporate into your daily routine 5 quick and easy water treatments to simulate your body, reduce pain and inflammation.

Learn how to promote balance in the mind, body and spirit, and nourish your skin through wellness bathing.

Day Five - Fire

Get to know how to handle heat for therapeutic benefits, increasing your circulation, decreasing joint stiffness, relive spasms, reduce inflammation, and reduce pain.

How safely use heat to help your body healing process

5 examples of how to incorporate heat into your weekly health routine.

Bonus - Live Q&A

Wouldn't it be great to have something that would tell you exactly what to do each day, so you can be sure that you apply all the strategies that you just learned in this course?

Live Q&A with me plus extra bonus resources to continue your journey.

Lifetime access to private group to connect with the community, so you remain engaged, improving your health and grow.